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Representative Services

Our Representative Services

A registered agent in the Cayman Islands is someone appointed when a company from outside the jurisdiction registers there as a foreign company.  In the BVI, all registered companies have registered agents.  The registered agent serves for as long as the company remains registered.

An authorised person is someone appointed to sign documents to process a vessel’s registration. This is normally a short-term power of attorney that ends once the vessel is registered.

A representative person represents certain vessels and endures for as long as the vessel remains registered under that flag.

We can provide all these services.

Representative Person

In general, all vessels without a registered office in the flag jurisdiction must have a representative person resident there. This is normally provided by a licensed firm of company managers whose due diligence is audited to ensure proper compliance.

In addition to corporate due diligence, it is also important that the representative person has maritime knowledge so as to advise the client and ensure that maritime procedures are properly followed in accordance with Merchant Shipping legislation.  We have both corporate and maritime expertise.

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Due Diligence

Representative persons are required to conduct the same due diligence as for a company client.

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24/7 Communication

The representative person is a single point of contact for the registry to reach the vessel or otherwise serve notice.

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Emergency Reporting

The representative person is required to report to the Shipping Registry within 24 hours if he has reason to believe tha...

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