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24/7 Communication

The representative person is a single point of contact for the registry to reach the vessel or otherwise serve notice.

A representative person must maintain a means of access to the owner, manager if so appointed, and to the vessel. In addition, he must be prepared to carry out directives or instructions given by the Director of Shipping in respect of the vessel he represents. The term “owner” here includes the managing owner, demise charterer, disponent owner and any person with effective operational control of the vessel.

This 24-hour contact information should include a copy of the EPIRB registration form, email addresses, telephone numbers [both landline and satellite] for the vessel, the manager, DPA, Fleet Superintendant and any other person closely associated with the vessel. All contact details should be maintained up-to-date.

Equally, the various contact persons should maintain up-to-date means of reaching the representative person. The purpose is to be able to respond quickly and liaise with the maritime administration in the event of an incident, especially where safety of life and search and rescue services are involved.