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Insurance Services

As a licensed insurance broker located outside any onshore taxing regime, we can help by obtaining competitive insurance cover, both for marine and any broader needs, such as aircraft, real estate, cars and personal property.

On the maritime side, we can insure any vessel, not just the ones we register.  In many cases we have been able to achieve significant savings and we are happy to quote at no cost. Typical marine insurance includes hull & machinery, protection and indemnity, cargo and crew insurances [including health and welfare].  Where crewmembers are employed or supplied through a third party entity, then questions arise as to which entity pays for cover such as crew liability.

From where we are located, we have access to underwriters virtually anywhere in the world and, in particular, we can arrange US-based insurance cover, including surplus lines.  Where a yacht is to be kept in North America, US coverage can be useful and competitive, particularly where US crewmembers are employed.

Furthermore, we can arrange crew health and accident coverage that is valid both when ashore and afloat, unlike traditional P&I.  Where assets are registered offshore through a company, insurance arranged from there further helps to establish the substance, mind and management of the registered office as its principal place of business.

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